Warom Technology Manufacturing Flashing in Hanover Industrial Fair


       Global largest and most representative Hanover Industrial Fair was started on April 24, with the subject of “industry integration-creating value”, showing the lasted results and solutions in industrial automation, moving, driving and automation, digital factory, energy, industry supply, air compression and vacuum technique, research and development technology, etc. fields. There are 6551 enterprises from 70 countries and regions to take part in the exhibition, and nearly 1300 enterprises from China.

Warom Technology Incorporated Company as the leading enterprise in Chinese explosion-proof electric apparatus industry has continuously attended this fair for 12 years, nearly one hundred people in charge of enterprises and professionals in global petrochemical industry, ocean engineering and matched manufacture field, think highly of automatically melting aluminum, die casting, cutting, powder coating, machining, etc. manufacturing process, and consult the condition of industry finalist, international certification, agent information, product application, etc. and wish to increase the level of cooperation; especially the newly developed LED lamp HRND95 and HRNT95 are welcomed and with high will of being purchased.

Through this exhibition, we not only find many potential customers, also maintain long-term cooperation partners, which is more important. Warom people always hold the idea of “being the pioneer of explosion-proof industry, creating famous brand in the world”, based in China and go to the world. Year after year, Hanover Industry Fair stimulates our Warom continuous innovating and crossing, witnesses the development of Chinese explosion-proof and Warom technology manufacturing.